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Default 2yr old German Shepard with aggressive behavior

Two-year-old German Shepherd adopted by me. adoption agency said one previous owner and that the dog was chained up a lot but no other problems. I got him home and he is very possessive of me more and more each day. I have a boyfriend that comes over and when he is close to me the dog will snip and bite at him.

Took him to the vet and he needed to be sedated the first time we went and then after a week recheck he needed a muzzle and they couldn't even look in his ears. he does Have an ear problem and the previous owner never told us about that either. the vet ruled him as a poor pet to have due to his aggressiveness and due to his extremely possessive nature towards me.

the vet feels that if I keep him he'll continue to get more aggressive towards other and become more possessive of me. I need to hear some suggestions and options before I give him up. thanks!
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