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Default Need Crate/Kennel Door. Help?

Zeeva broke the kennel/crate door (I don't exactly know the difference between the two) a while ago when traveling and the two were in the back of our truck. She simply freaked out that day...The crate/kennel is in perfect shape but the door was bent and wouldn't fit/close so we threw it away. I don't exactly know what kind of crate/kennel it is; it simply says ASPCA on sticker above where the door is supposed to be. I think we got it from Walmart but I'm not sure. We used to just put Smokey in it and push it against Zeeva's wire crate/kennel and used that as a door but Smokey has figure out that he can push himself back and get out now (after a year).

Is there anyway I can simply purchase a door to the crate/kennel? I've been searching online but I'm not sure how they measure the doors and what size to get. Any suggestions/thoughts on how I can get the right size/shape and where I can find one? How I can figure out what brand the crate is etc?

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