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Default Puppy with serious feet/rear end issues!

Hi everyone!

I have a 9 month old German Shepherd that I got shipped in from Norway at 12 weeks old. I had the intention of showing him and doing schutzhund/obedience competitions with him, but he was primarily to be a family pet.

From when he was young I noticed that he ran in a bunny hop and it's been very rare that I can actually get a clear picture of what his gait is like. Around 6 months he started dragging his back feet considerably. It is LOUD, his nails scrape against the floor and I am unable to clip his back nails because most of them are worn down so much from the dragging. He is quite angulated, but to be honest I used to professional handle a lot of super angulated American dogs and have never seen this before. I have seen twisty awkward hawks but not dragging to this degree.

Now at almost 9 months old, there is no way he can run in the house because he slips and falls all over the place. He often stands still with his back feet tight together, sometimes bordering on crossing over. Sometimes he even slips backwards and has no traction whatsoever. When he is excited and tries to jump he slips and falls and sometimes he just stays down when he has fallen. The dragging is consistent and with every step that he takes. I would NEVER be able to show him at this point.

Since he is only 9 months old, I am hesitant about saying he might have DM but he certainly meets every single symptom to the very last degree. I was advised to wait at least a year to get his hips checked, which makes sense as I know ligaments are so loose and growing at a rapid pace when they are young. He is extremely large (over 80 lbs and almost 27" at the withers) so I know that this may have something to do with it.

I have ordered a DM test to see if he does indeed have this, but I am unsure that knowing the parents carry the gene will help me or not. How do you find out if the dog himself has DM?

I guess I am reaching out to ask... is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this in a pup and NOT ended up having any issues? Could this simply be an extreme case of an overangulated oversized puppy growing and not knowing how to handle himself?

Any feedback would be so greatly appreciated. I am extremely concerned about these issues and on top of it have been dealing with an ear that has been in the same position since he came to me and he has had his ear taped and glued for over 4 months now to no avail. :-( He also has consistent diarrhea and even though everything has been ruled out, it happens almost every day as if he has no control over his back end. It is especially bad if he is running or being exercised.

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