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Default Victim in tree.. scared.

So last weekend we had our first scenario of a victim up in a tree. We had 2 finds before that then worked our way to find the 3rd who happened to climb a tree to see what the dog's would do. Titan, who has done other types of above the head searches, was scared or hesitant. He stopped about 50 yards away where he could see a girl in the tree and just froze. He wouldn't move. Wasn't growling.. just wouldn't move. Very alert, tail up, ears forward, etc.. but wouldn't move. I actually startled him when I came up to him and then he wouldn't move closer without me. So we walked and I encouraged to "check it out" which is my "it's ok go ahead" command. He would only go a few feet in front of me then turn and look. When we got about 10 feet from the tree she was in he turned to me, I prompted the alert, and told him to show me, and he went to the tree.. but it was just strange. Has this happened to anyone and what would you have done in my situation?

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