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Wanted to introduce myself, I'm Jared and my wife and I have two wonderful GSD, Nismo (Nissan Motorsports) and Oro (Gold in Spainish).

Growing up I always had a dog in the family. It started with my Irish Setter, Jet, who died of cancer when I was young, followed by Ace who was a golden retriever that lived until he was 17 (pretty extraordinary). We had family dogs but never my own.

Being in the Navy, I would volunteer at JAX HS but never took one home. Well I decided to get married to my wonderful wife so I can get myself a dog, which she had her own, her All Black female. Just kidding about the marrying for a dog.

We moved to VA Beach and settled down, got situated and looked for Rescues since sorry to those that buy from Breeders, Groomers, or whatever you call them, I just won't do that.

We found Southeast German Shepherd Rescue and two weeks later we did a foster to adopt application. We were looking for a certain rescue when, Oro, was rescued from a hoarding situation. Not truly neglected as he was in decent health minus worms. He was 15lbs underweight, and the night that we picked him up Nismo, setup being the Alpha. They luckily warmed up to each other and now insepereable.

They are both active and we bought a house just for them b/c the backyard is perfect for them. Oro is socially awkward but we are working with that on what a toy is, how to chase it etc. Nismo on the other hand is great at all that and the differences is because during the development stage Oro was just locked up. Both are 2 years and range around 85lbs, and are fed RC GSD Blend, and all the vitamins that are recommend from Bay Beach VA Beach.

My pups - Imgur
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