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Default Cost in the UK

Hiya I'm sorry if something's already been posted for this I've looked but couldn't find anything, I'm a little forum illiterate though so apologies in advance!!

My puppy lana is 7 month now and we're switching her to raw ASAP since the health benefits really sell it and she just doesn't care for her kibble anymore.

I was just wondering how much people were paying in the UK for meat. I've read people are paying $1-2 per lb in the US and hoping that's the sort of price I'd be looking at here.
We've bought a freezer off gumtree which we'll be getting tomorrow so we can bulk buy, were hoping to go to an independent butchers on Monday to see what sort of prices he could offer us or whether it would be cheaper in stores instead.

Also as a side note lana is 60.4lb at 7 months which seems abit heavy but she has all the tucks where they should be and you can feel ribs but she has a chubby neck, is this just loose skin? For feeding raw at 2% body weight it's saying just over a lb but then I read that the general rule is 2lb. I'm getting a little confused and don't want to end up with a fat pup!!
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