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Default Added a new dog

A few weeks ago I logged on to make my first post in probably a year. I was on my ipad and before I posted it, it all deleted, so I didn't try again. It was introducing our new german shepherd.

A lot has happened in the last year, we moved to a bigger house in another state, it's out in the country, a subdivision, and everyone pretty much let's their dogs roam. We are the only ones with a fence and it only fences in a small portion of the yard behind our garage (we have 3 acres). Sammy has done great here, he loves all the other dogs in the neighborhood, and he does a good job staying out of the road and within our eyesight when is off leash. Everyone here pretty much looks out for everyone's dogs, it's a good place to live.

In spring, our weenie dog got out the dog door when we were pulling out of the driveway, and squeezed under the gate and ran under our truck and my husband ran over him. It was awful and it really got to Sammy. He and that dog were always into shenanigans.

In July, I stumbled across a female GS in a shelter about an hour away. Neko was 8 months old, house trained and the owners just didn't have the patience for her. An hour and $20 later she was mine. She fit right in with our family and our neighborhood, although didn't give her as much freedom as we do Sammy. She could open the gates up on her own so we put chains and padlocks on the gates to keep them in when we weren't outside. We also learned that she liked to chase cars, so we were trying to figure out the best way to train her not to.

We went out of town on Thanksgiving, left Wednesday, came back Friday. We left them with enough food and water, but had someone come and check on them Thursday anyway. We left one of the gates with just bungee cords on it, so the person didn't have to deal with chains and padlocks. I don't know what happened, but somehow Friday morning they got out and she got run over. The neighbor that hit her said she chased him and jumped out in front of him and he was drinking a Mountain Dew and was slow to react. He has a heavy truck so she died pretty much on impact. It was a terrible thing to come home to.

Poor Sammy has spent the last week moping around and laying in front of the fireplace. My son used to run around the house and Neko would chase him, nonstop. Being couped up in this ice storm without her has been awful My son wants to go ahead and get another dog, and we are trying to decide between an underground buried fence, or wireless containment system. We are definitely going to have to get something so they can't get out in the road.
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