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You could fix it with a positive method but to get it done in fairly good time you would have to take it to a bit of an extreme. All feeding would be done during desensitization. You'd ask for a behavior from the dog like a long down or something (which of course you'd have to train first.)

Start at threshold ask for the down or whatever and the dog gets paid to ignore the cat. If the dog fixates on the cat you give him a chance or two to correct the behavior and if he insists on fixation on the cat that's fine put him up and don't give him another chance to eat that day. Next day try again. He will be a little more receptive being hungry but if he screwed up then too again no food that day. A stubborn case might take a week or so but eventually hes going to get the point. The need for food will override his cat fixation behavior and he will start treating commands near that cat a ton more seriously if that is the only way he eats. You're essentially giving him a choice. Continue the behavior and go hungry or comply and eat. Won't take long before the dog consistently makes the choice that gets him paid, and then you can move him in closer. Not a super fast process but the process you're seeing isn't as quick as the show implies.

We also don't know how long the e collar had been on and if pressure had been layered over the top before, but who knows.

I don't necessarily have issues with e collar blasting the dog for certain behaviors without layering pressure over it ahead of time. Jumping on counters or digging into the trash or something like that as long as you catch him the second he does it works fine. Especially if you caught the behavior in the first few times the dog tried it you could easily stop it from ever happening again.

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