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Default Concerned about her intensity of Chewing so hard- Teeth!

Zelda has always been a chewer.. hand and arms included..
She can eat through: Dynasur nylabones, antlers, hard cover books (that was a while ago, but im still quite impressed!), Jolly ball and basically things she shouldn't be getting into like cat canned food, etc.

But tonight while she was chewing on this so called indestructible nylabone, i stopped her and i looked at the nylabone and it had some pretty insane teeth indents and marks, and i flipped it over and saw a little blood on the other side. SO i put the toy away and looked at her teeth, and i didn't see anything especially screaming out to me.. But I am worried about her teeth getting gnawed down and chipping and what not!

Are antlers pretty okay for teeth? I mean i do notice when she chews them they tend to be moist where she has been chewing so it softens it.. Elk antlers are more soft right?
What else can i give her so that her teeth wont bleed?

Or am i worrying too much again?

Thanks guys!
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