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Angry E-collar to me is CLEARLY being used WRONG here!

(Apologize for video, i could not find a better youtube of the episode scene!)

Just want to say, I am not trying to put Cesar Millan down, I think, like with all trainers. There are good and bad about his training style. In my own personal training stand point, i believe more bad than good with him. But he in himself-i do not think is a bad person..

I also want to clarify that I believe in using e-collars, if used properly and this video to me is just screaming to me how wrong it is! It seems to me that he just slapped the e-collar on, the dog is super confused as to what is going on and why he is getting those feelings, and who knows what level Cesar is using and its to the point of the dog hiding under something..

My main point is how its scary to think of how many people who watched this are now going to slap collars on their dogs and do the same, and see a similar if not worse response from their dogs and think its okay, because they watched Cesar Millan do it.. (And i feel bad for the dog in the video!)

Anyways, there is my rant. Enjoy and pick apart as you please.
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