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I agree, he looks like a 6 week old who's ears are up.

The breeder most likely will give you akc reg papers either when you pick the puppy up, or will send them in themselves.

If I were you, I would have a list of your "wants and don't wants" for the breeder, such as, do you WANT a high energy dog? medium/low energy? Do you want an alpha type personality? Write down what type of dog you want to live with, give it to the breeder and if they are a good one, they can usualy peg their puppies and match them up to appropriate homes.

If your having second thoughts, maybe you should look elsewhere?

What color are the parents?

They will determine what color the puppy will end up being, right now, most gsd's typically have alot of black on them, sables are a little different, as blacks/whites will be black/white.

Be very clear on what you want, temperament, energy wise, and hopefully you will get exactly what you want

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