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Default All the dog toys out or rotate them?

After years of working at pet stores and buying toys at cost, and also getting free toys to review for my blog, I have accumulated an impressive amount of dog toys, of all varieties. Hunter doesn't destroy toys, so everything I ever bought him we still have. I have had a massive amount out at a time in a huge dog toy bin, and my home just ends up a mess (a.k.a dog heaven). So, I went and bought myself a small blue bin, and started rotating toys every couple of days. I really like this method, because when I bring out a new bin of toys Hunter's eyes light up and he entertains himself for a couple hours with his "new toys"... lol

Do you leave all the dog toys out all the time, or do you rotate sets and keep the other toys put away? How do you maximize dog toy bliss in your home?

Aaand a photo, since text posts aren't visually appealing enough... lol.

Approximately a touch more than 1/4 of our toy collection..

Also, bonus points if you post a photo of your dog with a bunch of toys.
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