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Default Beth here with Jack - my Black GSD

Good morning~!!!

I am new to dog ownership. I had cats my whole life but always wanted a dog. I am finally in a situation where I can reasonably care for a dog (my housemates have 3 of their own) and picked up a solid black GSD.

My housemates have adult dogs - a border collie (female), a Belgian Malnois (male) and a Shepherd/Husky mix (a male dog they're fostering). On top of that I have two snakes - a milksnake and a cornsnake as well as a variety of small invertebrates - tarantulas, scorpions etc.

I named my dog after trying numerous names on him. The only one he perked up to and seemed to respond to is Jack Daniels (we call him Jack or Jackers for short) and that name was by accident. A friend had asked me my drink preferences, I said that and he came running over - it stuck. Anywhoo, he was born August 15th 2013 and I picked him up on 10/27/2013. He's grown a tremendous amount since I got him (I feed Orijen Large Breed Puppy Chow) and he has entered the puppy challenge everyone for dominance stage. It's been an interesting challenge and he's been gently nipped a few times by the adult dogs when he gets too rough or tries humping them. I plan on taking him to obedience classes sometime after the holiday madness is over so I can learn how better to interact and handle him. Tips are always appreciated as I am still learning. My housemates have been a tremendous help as well as lurking these forums for a bit and reading.

Here's my crazy little guy. I love him to pieces and am looking forward to working with him as he grows.
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