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I agree -- I don't punish him when I wake up to the mess. You're right, I forgot he could get sick

Our house is very "open" so babygating would be tough.

Wolfy: I don't mean to "yes, but" you. . . but for safety reasons I like that he can roam the house. My husband leaves really, really early for work and it gives me a lot of comfort knowing our dog is walking around.

Dogfaeries: I'll look into that can!!

Thanks everyone,


Originally Posted by MaggieRoseLee View Post
Managing the situation is best cause he's doing it when you aren't in the room. So removing all food from the counter and putting the trashcan in a closet? And/or keeping the dog out of the kitchen at night (or in you room? babygate?)

No matter how mad you get when you have to clean up the mess, punishing the dog at that time is too late for any training. Specially cause the dog already more then rewarded itself the entire time it was eating everything and making a mess.

Plus he can get really sick going thru the trash. So not only are you mad at the mess you may have and expensive vet bill on top of it all.
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