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Default Advice needed on a counter/trash can surfer

Our dog adopted from the military was so polite for the first few months. Apparently he's comfortable now because I wake up in the a.m. to a mess.

He counter-surfs looking for food and knocks down everything. When I started completely clearing the counters, he went for the trash can that is covered. It's one of those flip, aluminum type cans that has a lid that flips up and down.

We had a Lab do this and we once outfitted the can with a Darth Vadar mask! I wish I could have seen him when he came around the corner -- we were gone -- and saw Darth!

I think our GSD is too smart for Darth to scare him plus it only works once or twice.

How do you train a dog out of this behavior? Because right now he's just training me to clean up really, really well. And hide the can.

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