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Default Ideas for finding a great sitter for my GSD?

I need advice on how to find a sitter for when we go on trips. Generally we're just gone for 3 or 4 days. Every now and then we'll go for a week.

If your mom or sister or best neighbor sits for you, no need to respond. I'm most interested in how to track down a great sitter. I don't have family in this state.

I have a cat sitter, but she's encouraging me to kennel my GSD. She recommended one that sounds really friendly and good but there's that weird virus going around that hit Ohio, CA and Michigan. They say that dogs hanging out in play groups or kennels are more likely to get that virus.

So for that reason I'd like to keep my guy at home with my cat. I should add that my GSD is only 2.5 years so very active. We'd have a pet sitter come over at least 3 times a day to play ball and cuddle and walk him.

When I told my cat sitter -- who also does dogs -- about the virus she just kept saying my GSD could use a kennel for the social. (She makes the same pay whether she's doing just our cat or both cat and dog.)

Anyway, how did you locate a good sitter. And what do you look for/expect?

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