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Default Several Questions

This is gonna be kinda long
I will start by saying Im not completely new to the breed. I have had a pure GSD as well as a GSD/Collie mix. My girlfriend and I are looking at getting a pup in the near future. I currently live with a roommate that has an intact female pitbull. She is from my old pits litter (6 years old aprox.). She grew up with her brother but after a while they began to have issues with jelosey and had to be compleatly seperated to avoid fights. Our thoughts are to get a puppy so that there are less dominance issues and she can establish the pecking order without a fight. She does seem to do alright with smaller dogs. Are there any recommendations to avoid fights and introducing the two to each other(We can completely separate if needed). Would it make a difference on male or female when it comes to them getting along (we would prefer a female)
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