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Default Question about sables

Hi guys, just picked up a new pup yesterday, a little 50/50 GSD/lab girl. Accidental litter when the neighbor's lab managed to get onto the property. Mom was a gorgeous sable GSD. Pup is 8-9 weeks old.

Thing is, she's got some brindle patterning going on in her coat. It also appears to me that it could be sable that hasn't fully transformed yet. I've seen pictures of young purebred sable pups that appear to be brindle, but become complete sables as they get a little older. I've never personally seen that in puppies older than a couple weeks, but I haven't had much exposure to sables so I'm wondering if anyone can give input on that. I know my first purebred black and tan shepherd boy went through some crazy coat transformations the first couple months of his life. It does seem more likely to me though that she'll retain her brindle.

I'm not going to debate genetics or the existence/non-existence of brindle shepherds, but I did some research on brindle labs and it appears to be a somewhat common mismark, although it's a recessive gene so I don't know.

The gentleman I got her from is as certain as one possibly could be in this type of situation that it was the neighbor's purebred black lab. His property is set out way in the middle of nowhere in the country and would be uncommon to spot any other dog. Although I obviously wouldn't 100% rule out there being a possible different father or even a multi-sired litter. Out of 13 pups, she's one of 2 that were brindled and the others looked exactly as you'd expect a GSD/lab mix to look.

A final thought being that the mother could possibly have a muddled pedigree with a dutchie somewhere in her lines. I know she was AKC, but being that I was getting a mix I didn't care to see her papers lol.

At any rate, she's cute as all get out. I know there's no certain way to tell, but I'm curious to hear opinions.

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