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Thanks for all the replies!

I actually tested out an IR heat lamp, but the heat dissipates within 2-3 feet. I tried two different wattage heat lamp bulbs. I was also told that if it gets to close to the straw, it can set it on fire. I can't really use a temp control box because the patio (not the kennel) is not entire enclosed and the lamp would just be on the whole time I'm gone.

I did blankets last year and she did her "business" on them (haha). That's why I opted for the straw. It allows her to do her "business" with easy clean up. I actually buy a bale of straw a month because I clean up her droppings daily when she uses the kennel without any hassle.

I thought about a heating pad, but she loves to chew and I wouldn't want her chewing the cable. I've seen some chew proof heating pad cables, but I give her slices of cow femur knuckles to snack on and she chews through those like butter.

And brembo. That's what I was thinking. I've basically blocked off all the wind. Plus, she'll hopefully get to meet her new brother next week. I'm waiting to adopted a Rott/Shep mix from a GSD rescue, now that my GSD is fully trained. I imagine they'll be able to help each other with the warmth too.

Thanks again!
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