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Originally Posted by BowWowMeow View Post
Do you leave Allie loose then? If so, why not take Cable somewhere else to train and play? That would be good for both of them unless she has SA.
Doggie door and well fenced yard. My old guy, Banjo(RIP) had life long bowel issues, he had to have outside access at all times. I have a great setup that in my mind is a huge de-stresser for dogs(in/out when they want or need), so I'm rolling with that.

Allie shows precursors for full blown S/A. Crazy greeting ritual and all manners go out the window when I get home. Cable sits and waits for me, Allie loses her mind. I'm walking a razors edge with her. I need to instill some boundaries while making sure I don't lose her to anxiety. I'm so so close to having her fully on track and I don't want to derail her with a bad decision. She is young and still puppy-brained, but oh-so smart and willing and incredibly focused on me. I see so much potential in her it's maddening.
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