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Hi there,

I'm new to the site, but I wanted to get some input. It's getting colder here where I live and I'm winterizing my GSD's kennel.

It's an 8' x 16' kennel. I've wrapped it with Sun Shade to help with the wind, and I've laid down straw. I just finished sealing up patio screens with some 6mil Plastic Sheeting.

The problem is, I'm afraid to put any type of heating in the kennel with the straw. She did fine last winter and she's two this winter. I have to leave her in the kennel after sunset two days a week. Latest being 11pm at night. It doesn't get too cold at night, but it sometimes get around freezing.

Oh and she has a bit of anxiety. She doesn't want to leave the yard, but she wants to find me when I'm gone. That's why I had the kennel built. To keep her safe. I'm hoping that changes after I get her a brother. I've had her now for 18 months. When I'm home she's with me 100% and sleeps in my bedroom at night.

Here are some pics:

I don't have a screen door with this yet.

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