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Default What's this about?

Ok, so day one for little Agnes here. She seems sweet, playful, not really timid or shy. Pretty confident, really. Crying a little bit, but don't blame her! So many new people and new environment! Follows us all around, retrieves for us and comes when we call her. But one question: When we evaluate a pup before bringing home, we always either/or cradle them in our arms on their backs to see reaction or gently hold them for a few seconds on their backs on the floor. We did this for Agnes at the breeders. She squirmed a second, settled, looked at me...fine. Ok with that. After we brought her home, it did not take long to realize that she HATES being held in your arms.(in fact, she cried all the way home from breeders (only ten min drive), and now I think she wasn't scared at all,,...she didn't want me to be holding her!) She's fine being carried from one place to another, if I sit on the floor, she will come right over and sit on my lap, but as soon as I try to hold her with both arms....screaming, protests, squirming to get away. Not holding her tight or trying to confine her in any way. I have never had a puppy do that. What gives? Is it just being new to us? Is this a GSD thing? So, after I realized this is what she was not liking, I tried putting her on her back, and guess what? Compete fit. Crying, kicking and screaming. I don't get it.
yes, realize it's her first day here....and I don't have a problem with her not being a cuddler, just don't want an over-the-top independent dog. Some independence good, and I think in the nature of the GSD (?).

Seven weeks old. When she met our husky, she was very submissive to her. Wanted to play and be with her, just exposed her belly for her and licked her mouth.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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