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Default moving injured and anxious dog around ?

Our GSD who is going on 13 years, and is also a bit on the fat side, hurt his rear leg the other day. We didn't think too much of this as he's pulled a muscle or strained himself before, and always walks it off after a few days. He's had some ongoing and worsening hip dysplasia as he's gotten older, and has also had increasing anxiety about walking on our hardwood floors.

I really don't think his leg is bothering him that much anymore (we poke and prod at it and he doesn't mind, and when he walks the three feet between his two beds, he seems fine, but very anxious.)

But obviously, he needs to go outside at some point! He hasn't been to the bathroom in 3 days amazingly, but he seems to be fine with that. He's only not fine when we try to drag him through the house and out the door, and which point he freaks out and has a panic attack.

What's the best way to get a 100 lb dog with an anxiety problem out of the house?
I bought a dog sling to hold/support him - that freaks him out.
I bought some dog shoes with sticky pads on the bottom to help on hardwood floors - they freak him out.
I've put throw rugs down all the way from his bed area to the door, he has no interest in walking on them.
My next step is probably to but a 4'x4' piece of plywood under his dog bed, and attempt to drag him out on that. But whenever we pull him on his dog bed he gets freaked out. There are two steps between his bed area and the front door that we have to overcome as well.
I've thought about pulling the crate out of the craws space, and somehow cramming him in that, and then shutting the door and just dragging/carrying him out that way.

Just wondering if anyone had any better ideas.
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