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I have two Germans:

Allie, an 11 month old female, intact.
Cable, a 2-3 y/o male rescue.

Allie is a lover, she is very much a people dog and desires nothing but human company. She will eschew food for playtime/rubs. Her reason for being with me is convoluted and bizarre, suffice it to say her first 6-7 months was not optimal. Abuse by my standards, but nothing A/C would get in a tizzy about.

Cable is a rescue/adoption. Got him from Tar Heel Mom's rescue in fact. He's stable, stoic and aloof. He's playful, smart and confident. No real issue with him aside from a wonky eye and a possible touch of EPI(hard to put weight on him). He's solid as a rock muscle wise, just a bit ribby.


I cannot engage Cable in play or training without Allie butting in and dominating the session. She's not dominating Cable, just trying to monopolize my time. Cable just shakes it off and goes away, he's content to do his own thing. He's the top-dog as it were, food and treats are his first right of refusal. When I can get a snatch of Cable only time, he eats it up, when Allie shows up, he loses interest and loses focus.

I have tried separation and it works to an extent. I get good focus and great results in training and play with both. Problem is, if Cable hears Allie whine or bark his focus goes out the window. He has to check on Allie. Flipped scenario and it's 100% good to go, as Cable does not whine/beg/bark. It's hard to separate quickly enough for Cable to not hear Allie make a fuss....then he goes cold for training/play.

Aliie's past is one of poor socialization and a lack of interaction. I believe she is terrified of being left alone again, so it's difficult for me to exclude her from activities. However for Cable's sake I need his recall tidied up something fierce. He comes, but it's nowhere near what I like to see. Allie is glued to me, learns fast and wants nothing more than to do what she thinks I want.

Right now my idea is to have a friend come over and distract Allie while I drill Cable some. Anyone have any other ideas?
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