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Default Rescued GSD anxiety with sound of horses whinnying

This is our Ajax we got from the shelter almost 2 months ago. He was one of the near 200 dogs & puppies rescued from a puppy mill situation in Pine River MN. The shelter guesstimates his age at about 5 years old, so most likely was used as breeding stock. He is a super sweet boy. No longer skin & bones, and his coat is so much softer & shinier since we've had him.
One of the few bits of full out anxiety he's had was when he was napping by us while we were watching TV, twice now when a horse whinnies on the TV, he jumps up whining, whimpering, clods around the house trying to look through the windows & doors. He's heard other noises on the TV like other dogs and only perked up & looked towards the door then went back to whatever he was doing after we said in a calm manner "it's just on TV." That same manner wasn't working as easily or fast for the horse whinnies. We looked it up and the puppy mill chick (I'll leave out the words I normally refer to her as) also had a horse riding stables.
Any tips for when a random horse whinny may show up in the future? We haven't acted any different during these times, we were more expecting this from dog sounds on TV. So far it's only been twice, but it makes us wonder what bad things may have happened to him or those horses when he heard that sound.
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