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I avoid chicken, it's got so many hormones and weirdness in it to make the chickens grow quickly. That being said if you can source hormone free/free range bird then it's probably not a huge issue. Then again, lots of dogs seem to react to chicken poorly(itchy skin) I just stay away from it. I've had the best luck with ruminant flesh(bison, venison, beef). My old guy was borderline IBS and even a whiff of (non organic) chicken sent him into a scratching frenzy. Ended up feeding Solid Gold Wolfking as a staple and half/half RAW. Considering his litany of medical issues he did amazing on that combo. I was able to give him whole Cornish hens on occasion as a treat.

If it were me, I'd pick a 4-5 star limited ingredient kibble sans grains/corn formulated for puppies. Ease onto that and once you have proper nutrition nailed down begin easing onto the RAW end of things.
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