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Default Just started my 11 week male GSD on Raw diet

Since getting our male GSD, we decided to try a Raw diet this time. Our last female GSD we had to Euthanize and we found out she had Lymphoma. She was only 4 1/2 years old. Her diet was kibble.. She also had elbow/hip dysplasia. Vet bills were unreal. Especially the cancer ones. But, I would do the same thing if needed. We made a mistake picking the breeder.

I've read a great deal about raw feeding, I just want to make sure that he is getting everything he needs to grow healthy. I want his diet to be balanced and include all the nutrients he needs.

I weighed him on my scale and at 11 weeks he is 20 pounds. Not overweight. If anything, maybe a little under.

I started the week out buying a whole chicken and cutting it up. I also bought a package of chicken wings. We are feeding him 3 times a day. I started off feeding him a chicken wing, neck, back for the day. Also gave him a little yogart. Stools were firm the next. Bone content was a little high in day one. After feeding him a chicken Brest half(half cut in half), decided to toss in the chicken small piece if chicken liver also. Mistake 1 I think) , fed another back. And some canned Red Salmon( mistake 2.. Big mistake I'm thinking) Stools became very loose. Next day started with a leg quarter. I took the skin off for now. He didn't eat but maybe a 1/4 of it. He finished the rest at lunch and for dinner ate another leg. His stools were soft... Today consisted of mainly wings and some breast meat. Trying to firm his stools up.

Before starting raw, he was in kibble. I got him at 8 weeks. It seems like every time he goes outside, when he comes in, he is always scratching or biting at something that is causing him to itch. It isn't constant, but it happens several times throughout the day.

His eyes have also had a little bit of clear type drainage. He is acting normal. I'm going to but a scale tomorrow to weigh his food out until I have a better idea what weighs what. I'm trying to average around 11 oz per meal 3 times a day. I'm feeding him by the 2% of ideal BW(90 lbs). I might have to up it to 2.5% ..
Should I wait a solid week or 2 before adding any OM?

According to 10% OM, I should be feeding him 3 OZ per day.. I guess my main concern is not giving him the nutrients he needs to grow big and strong at a steady rate. Is this common ? He is def growing, but we just started him on the raw diet. I would like to continue. Hopefully I can provide a better diet for him than kibble and without all the processed crap, coloring, chemicals, etc.

How did you guys start your puppies? Anyone have any problems with feeding raw?
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