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This is my dilemma, I have 9 year old twin boys with autism. The breeder assured me that this puppy was well bred and would be absolutely fine with them. I told her that they were very LOUD and stim (wave hands, flap dolls, etc.) When I first saw the puppy on the pedigree database, all I did was call and talk to the woman. The next thing you know she had the puppy at the vet faxing me a health certificate. My husband and I were a little taken back by this. We told her that there was no way the money would arrive by the time transport got there. She sent the puppy anyway. My husband, being a police officer, and I thought it to be very odd shipping a puppy w/o money. Puppy arrived on Monday early a.m. she had her money that Wednesday via FedEx only because we are honest. I can't throw my kids out because a so called "breeder" lied about a puppy's breeding/background. Any suggestions? He seems okay with our boys. Our one boy has sat next to him on his dog bed and he's mouthed him but no growling. He seems to tolerate our son but I certainly don't want a reactive dog biting my son either. The puppy has a tattoo in his ear, can I find out about his genetics through his tattoo and how? She never mentioned a tattoo? This is the third time in the last year we've been taken by a breeder. I don't think we'll be looking at GSD's from here on out as they seem far too overbred and the breeders we've dealt with have been off the wall crazy.
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