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Default Timid, shy 16 week old NEED HELP

Background provided in order to get better more accurate advice. Thanks in advance.
Puppy was in transport from 11/8-11/11. Puppy was supposed to arrive on 11/9. Transport said puppy was shy when picked up? When puppy arrived at 1am on 11/11 puppy was extremely timid and scared. Tail tucked, shaking and did not want to leave transport at that time. Had major diarrhea which I took care of holistically. Cleared up in 4 days. [Stools have remained normal since treatment. Currently on ZiwiPeak Lamb dehydrated and 1 can of ZiwiPeak canned daily.] Puppy was afraid of everything then and is still afraid. Seems to be getting worse. Mind you, he's been here 3 weeks 3 days TODAY. His DOB is 8/15/2013 which makes him 16 weeks TODAY. He began loosing his baby teeth almost 2 1/2 weeks ago? At 16 weeks he weighs 48 pounds. He has NO drive. He is still very much fearful of us. Cowered when I put a leash on him and I just put a leash on him just 2 days ago for the first time since he's been here. He's super quiet in the house and literally stays in one spot which is the dog bed I bought him. If anyone walks in his direction and he's not on the bed he trots to the bed and gets on it quickly like it's base. He will not eat/drink when anyone is around him? He has plenty of toys but only carries a few favs around. He has no desire to come when called while in the home. If he's eating/drinking in the kitchen and the dishwasher kicks on then he hightails it to his bed. He's scared to death of the vacuum and not very fond of the television. He has bonded to NO ONE! The breeder told us it would take a month to acclimate now I could see if he were a rescue however this is suppose to be a well bred puppy. NOT! It's as though he's having a nervous break down. To be quite honest, this breeder has had a lot of stories. It took us 3 weeks to get his AKC limited registration. And I won't dare call her as she has been nothing but rude since this puppy arrived and has had nothing but excuses. In fact, she has 3 different names? IMHO, a puppy at 16 weeks should be well adjusted and fearless not shy, timid and fearful. We've had rescues in the past that were better adjusted than this puppy. Any suggestions? Please do NOT suggest sending him back as she's not going to give us our money so that's not an option. Plus side is he is completely housebroken and has not had one accident. He sleeps on his bed from 11pm until 7am.
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