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Default Just adopted an older GSD, possible behavior/taining issues.

Hi all!

I just adopted a 6 y/o GSD. I will be the dogs 4th owner. His first owners had him for 1-2 year then dumped him off at the pound; I don't know anything about them. The next owners had him for about 2 years; don't know much about them either except they had a toddler in the home. The last owners had to get rid of him because they lost their home, were living with the in laws and had to keep him chained up outside. He absolutely was not allowed in the house. When I met the dog for the fist time he was in a chest harness and one of the over the nose harnesses. He was not listening to his owner, whining a lot and going between the owners legs. They also allowed and encouraged him to jump up to "give hugs". I get the impression zero obedience was practiced with this dog.

I brought my dog to see how they would get along. It seemed that they did ok after the initial meeting and we ended up taking this GSD home. My current dog is very well behaved, socialized and has obedience training. I put my dog in the kennel so the new dog could check the new place out. The first thing that GSD did was piss on the floor next to my dog who was in the kennel. I immediately said "No!" and then pointed my finger and said "Out", which he complied with. He continued to check the place out with the exception of our room and my sons room which is off limits. I have noticed that he listens only when he wants to; this applies to sit, down, out and come. I have implemented NILIF, its only been two days but there is a dramatic improvement. He follows commands more often than not and when he does comply he gets a treat/praise. I also put him on the leash and practiced heel and sit. I change directions, start/stop frequently and change pace. He is a real smart dog.

Since this dog has probably had no consistent obedience training, what is the best way to go about doing this?

There are two things that are currently driving me nuts. The first is his jumping up. He will just walk up to me and jump up. I could be sitting or I could be standing. My first instinct is to say no, but that just compounds the problem because he was seeking attention in the first place and then got it. I now ignore it, tell him to sit and when he sits I give lots of praise/scratches. Now he will come up to me and sit(although I can see him thinking jump up in his eyes). Am I doing this right?

The other thing is he will come when called when he feels like it. This afternoon I called him and he flat out ignored me. So I got some treats in a crinkly bag and then called him again. I crinkled the bag and he came. I did that for the next ten minutes or so and by the end didn't have to crinkle the bag. Is this the best way as well?

Thanks all!!
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