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Default Can some one help me with these line?

We got Scout from some one I would consider a BYB. Not a bad one but he got what he thought was 2 well bred dogs and bred them. (and maybe they are I really have no clue) Completely random but MN Governor Dayton owns 3 GSD and 1 of them (Mingo) came from the same mom and dad and of course the same breeder.

Anyways can any one tell me about his lines and what kind of GSD he is

Mom: "Monika" Vom Holistica CS Hutte
Mom's mom: "Heleena" Vom Holistica GS Hutte
Mom's dad: Maximus Vom Fleischerheim

Dad: Zuchtmuffinkuchen Vom Hause Vongunden
Dad's mom: Garri Vikar
Dad's dad: Iltis Von Der Wildsau

Here is scout at 8 weeks old and again today at 14 weeks old. (sorry for the crappy cell phone shot from today the photographer in me hates that but I wanted to get a shot of him now and the big camera is put away.)

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