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Default Could he be mad at us for leaving?

Hello, need help with our male 2-3 yo Shepherd. We got him Labor day weekend and he was potty trained and so very well behaved. We went out of town in late Sept and had pet sitters come to the house to let the dogs out. We got home early while the pet sitter was here and there was urine and poop (solid) all over the den floor. Big house and you can smell it the second we walked in the door. Now, I must tell you that this dog has attached himself to my husband, and my husband did not come home with us because he was on his way to a business trip. My daughter and I go out to eat and come home and the dog did it again! There have been several other times he's messed on the floor not long after being outside. My husband refuses to crate. This dog is our 4th rescued dog and we have never had this much trouble before. It's throwing a rock into family outings. We've had his urine checked and the PH was a little high so we are giving him Vit C pills. We think he was left outside in his last homes because his elbows are callused pretty bad. Need help!
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