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Yeah, everyone has their own opinions.

If you’re going to blame the AKC for ruining the breed, I can’t agree with you. Society and progress turned the breed into something different. We don’t all raise our own cattle and don’t need our dogs to herd them, so the breed had to evolve into something different.

It’s not the breeders who have made the dogs needy. It’s the owners. The dogs are needy because WE are needy. We own dogs for their affection and their love. If my dog is in my house, I want him to be near me. Truth is…my dog hates to cuddle and is generally somewhere where he can see the majority of our house, “guarding” it. He lays in the middle of the house so that he can quickly get to anywhere in the house, or he’s lying on our bay window sill so that he can clearly see everything that goes on inside and outside. The neediness is just part of what we do with our dogs. For sport people…the main thing they teach their pups is the relationship with the handler, because the dog will then do whatever the handler asks of it. It’s not that the dog NEEDS that relationship, it’s the handler that WANTS it. Most of our dogs, if raised in the environment the farmer raises his dogs in would be just like his dogs. Guaranteed if you brought his dogs into a more urban/sport environment, they’d be just as “needy.”

The part about breeders making the dogs not able to think…I’d like to see a breeder produce a puppy that knows the Schutzhund 1 through 3 routine just by coming out of the womb. Can’t see how that has anything to do with breeders, it’s all about the training.

The majority of breeders I know look at pedigrees as a guide, not a “have to breed this to that” rule. They see what’s in there, but they evaluate the actual dog and then decide if it should be bred or not. Those dogs are bred for a different purpose than what this gentleman is breeding for. Plus…if he doesn’t look at pedigrees, how can he guarantee he’s not crossing dogs that are very closely related? The health thing? There are plenty of dogs that don’t show any signs of diseases and have them. If a dog grows up with HD, it will eventually get used to the pain and learn to ignore it. Doesn’t mean the dog doesn’t have HD, just means no one could ever tell. And its only with extreme cases that a vet can tell a dog has an issue without doing an x-ray or running a test.
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