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Default Old Working Dog Breeder

I was talking to a farmer that is giving my uncle a german shepherd. My uncle has a 1500 acre cow farm. He said he has owned German Shepherds for 50 years and uses them on his angus cow farm. He only breeds when he needs new dogs. He had some interesting points:

- The AKC has ruined the breed. He said the GSD is a working dog and not a show dog.

- Breeders have made the dog too needy. These dogs are made to work and are not lap dogs that should sleep in the bed with you. You want a dog to cuddle get a lapdog. His dogs sleep outside and keep the predators away from his cows and chickens, etc and help corral bulls.

- Breeders have taken schutzhund too far and have created hyped up dogs that are bred to perform a routine and not think.

He also said pedigrees/papers are worthless, you breed dogs that have the temperment/traits to do the task you need them to do. When I asked about hip certifications he laughed. He said by the time he breeds the dog he will know if it has problems through work and normal vet checks.

He said all pups are spoken for and only go to farms where they will work. Kind of a grumpy old guy, but seems to have a purpose to his program at least.
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