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Im from the UK and i recently bought a puppy. Just need some help. My last german shepherd (who i got 25 years ago now), was from strong british show lines, a lot of titled dogs in his pedirgee (including the sire). He was easily trained, very loyal, protective over the kids so on.

So my new puppy, (Zeus), was born of a pure white dam and a black/tan sire. I recieved papers for the dam but not the sire. Cant find the dam on the pedigree database. But looking into the dams 5 generation papers, her lineage is pure white GSD's. The sire was just a normal pet GSD, with no 5th generation papers. Zeus is black/tan and looks as if he's going to be longhaired. Just really wanted to know what kind of sport i should pursue with him, IPO/SCHZ, agility, tracking? We are also looking into therepy work. I am just wondering what everyones opions are? And weather anyone has had a puppy with similar lines?

Thanks in advance.
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