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Question Dog Bites within family

So I have had my GSD since he was 5wks old, he is currently 2 1/2 yrs old.
There has been a change in the household, I have asix month old baby (youngest of 3) and my husband and I have filed for divorce. With that being said, my GSD has been acting out lately. He was typically an outside dog and would come in every once in awhile when my husband was home. Since he moved I have been keeping him inside and he was doing great for the first couple months.

However for about a month he has destroyed everything in site. He has not been neutered.

Last night he was eating a snack in the kitchen and my 6 yr. old jumped in his face. He snapped at her and caught her lip. I took her to the hospital and she is ok.

I know she instigated the attack and it was her fault. I have had the respect his space conversation several times. Well she finally gets it. He has never done anything like this when he was eating before I have trained him that if a child walks up and sticks their hand in his bowl he stops eating and backs up. I routinely test him with this as well. Like I said I have 4 children all under 6yrs old and to have a GSD he needs to know they will frequently invade his space. Like I said he has NEVER acted out like this before.

However I am torn between keeping him and re-homing him. Yes he needs more exercise. I know. Any thoughts?
He is really protective of our family and to rehome him is a big risk because of new people. Unless he is sent to my moms, who he loves.
I'm new here please be gentle.
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