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Default Sleep habits way off kilter...

Roxy will be 11 months the end of this month. She's been sleeping in her kennel at night ever since she came home. For the last 3 months at least she's been sleeping all night. I sleep on the couch (due to back problems) next to her kennel ...this little arrangement has worked out well for both of us.

2 nights ago ..she was howling ...barking ..whining ...that escalated to digging at the bottom of her kennel...rattling the bars with her teeth. I took her out 2 times thinking it was a bathroom thing...nope all she wanted to do outside was play.
I also thought maybe it was because the one time due to all the schedules in the house she did NOT get her scheduled run time ..and maybe that messed her up. Well that theory was blown out the window last night..because even after 2 run times to make up for the missed one we had a repeat performance.
I'm at a loss here as to what can be going on. I am not comfortable leaving her out of the kennel to sleep and I am thinking that's what she's getting at. The only other option I can think of is let her sleep out in the confined kitchen area...that's where she is most of the day when she's not out with somebody playing.

any suggestions? is this another age thing? I have read in one of the books I have they take on these strange behaviors when they are getting ready to hit that one year old mark. I NEED SLEEP. I went to the office on exactly 1/2 hour of sleep yesterday. The pattern started at 11:30 and didn't stop until 7:00..when I got up for work.

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