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Default Drontal chewable tablets causing diarrhoea!??

My GSD, Pepe, is now 5 1/2 months old.
He's been on drontal worming tablets three times so far.
1) first time, it was a tablet that the vet shoved into his throat. Vomited up in 1 hour. Called vet. Was told it's okay. Tab digested in less than 30min, so don't need a replacement tablet.
2) second time, he was a bit older so we chose to buy the chewables from the vet, mixed with his usual kibble (science diet) and some raw beef mince. Had diarrhoea twice, am then pm. Watery, no blood, some mucus. But was fine the next day. We initially thought it was the raw mince since we've never given him that before. We were told by a lady in the dog park that it might've been the worming tablet.
3) third time, this time, drontal chewable two tablets for 20+kg dog. He had them in the morning, then the next day am, we woke up to take him out, he had a poop accident in the crate. Then once out of the crate, another 5 or so on the walk. Took him home, tried to feed him, kibble in warm water. He was not interested. Husband took him to the vet. Given lactate solution and a canned science diet. Was told to starve him for 24 hours. Only give lactate solution. Then can food then kibble again.

My question is,
1) is the lady in the park right? It's the drontal tablet that gave him diarrhoea? Does that mean he has worms?
2) the vet said he might just pick up some guy bugs from the park or other dog's poop. But our dog doesn't eat grass or even sniff others' poop. We've been watching closely and he doesn't seem interested anyway. Is it just because the vet wouldn't want to point to the drontal causing diarrhoea direction?
3)Shall I bring it up next time he's due for worming? what other options for de-worming other than drontal? Can I do it at home rather than going to the vet?

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