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Default hi all, ner member, first gsd soon

Hi all, I am Nadeem from SA.
my wife and I are getting our first dog this weekend, an 8 month old female GSD named Isis.
we are buying her from a gentleman who has a few GSD's and rescued this female from a home where she was not being well taken care of.

we met her for the first time 2 weeks ago and we loved her, I was amazed by her size for an 8 month old puppy, she is big and solid and beautiful.

last weekend I went to visit to take isis for a walk, so I walked isis and the owner walked his other GSD's too. she pulls A LOT. when the walk started she was jumping on me, she was maybe excited, then we started walking and she was pulling a lot, after about 10 minutes she got a bit tired and was not pulling as much but still was not walking on a loose lead nicely. this guy obviously does not do obedience training and such with his dogs.

I am picking her up this week Sunday, I need some tips for the big day. is it a good idea to walk her around the block before taking her to my house so that she can get rid of all the excess energy? I know the owner of the local GSD club and their next obedience training class only starts in February 2014, so in the meantime what can I do about this hectic pulling when we walk? or should I try and find an obedience class that's starts earlier?
on the day i pick her up, when i get to my home, do i let her loose to run around and explore the yard? or do i keep her on a leash and show her around? she is amazingly strong for an 8 month old puppy wow, not strong enough to pull me around but will certainly pull my wife around.

sorry for all the questions, i just want to do things the best way i can. Thank You
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