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Default How Long Before You Got Another?

Im new here and if this is the wrong place for this thread then to the mods, please move this where it should be. Anyways, I lost my Missy last week (see my post "In Loving Memory of Missy") and of course it has been very hard for me as I'm sure it is for anyone here that loses their loved one. In any case, Missy was my first GSD and ironically two people asked me recently what I would do when she passes. Obviously, I would have no idea and my mom asked me would I get another dog when Missy is gone. Well my quick answer is "No", simply because I know that I never want to go through this loss again. However, a good friend of mine who has owned several shepherds, made an interesting point. You see, I live alone as my friend does. Our dogs are our life, best friends and companions. Now I find that there is this emptiness or a void left unfilled. I'm used to living with my dog, still looking in habit to where she laid in her usual spots. My routine of taking care of her is gone and it hurts not having that around. Obviously I understand that everyone has to deal or cope in their own way and in time but I am curious for those that have lost a lovely GSD, when or how long did you decide to get another one? Also, what was the deciding factor for you, besides the fact that your love the breed of dog?
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