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Fair is passing. Not perfect, but NOT HD. Fast normal does not bother me....many dogs going FN at a year do better at 2, not all, but many. I look at the whole pedigree for breeding/buying...and if info on littermates is available, even better! The ZW system is not perfect - especially with non German born dogs...the numbers are skewed....Csabre has OFA Good hips, has produced 1 Fair, 2 Goods, 2 prelim Goods/'a' normals...her mother was OFA Good, produced 1 litter and 2 OFA Goods, 2 others prelim Goods....and got a highish number (90) - and her daughter Kira, 'a' normal/OFA Good prelim is 82 (sire is 83 and dam 90?????) ...the others aren't showing up yet that I have sent in.... Basha is 96, "B" hips in Belgium, and one daughter, Hexe is 81...yet Basha produced 2 OFA Excellents, 6 or 8 Goods, 1 Fair and 1 Mild .....

Passing is passing and you HAVE to look further than that rating!

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