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Default Fiona little Miss tender foot

She stabbed her left front paw playing in the grass with her sister, when she came down on a stick. That was this summer. A few weeks ago, again playing with her sister in grass, she came down on the sprinkler head and this stabbed her right front paw. I also hurt her paw pads when I took her on a bike ride. We went a whole block, but it was asphalt with lots of tiny rocks.

I have been putting Musher's wax on her feet. But she is still so tender footed. And not in that she complains. They only way I know she is hurt is I see blood. She doesn't limp or whine.

Thanks for the link. I think that I am going to get some of those. Last January we went to DC, and she came back a little ill from licking the salt off her feet. I did clean her feet, but I did not Fiona clean them.
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