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I hate stereotyping, but here I go. The Amish have a history and reputation for breeding as if the dogs were livestock. It is a way of making money. They don't work or certify the dogs themselves and most would equate them to BYB/puppy mill status. They view the dogs as income. So often times corners are cut, dogs are not valued family members. They are an investment.

All that said, you can probably find a lovely dog. It is up to you to decide if this particular family is living up to your expectations in a breeder.

My personal opinion is this, if you are going to spend the money on a dog, get what you want, all of it. There are plenty if breeders that breed for EVERY quality you want, including color. I personally feel that if you really want a dark sable dog, find breeders that have them, look at what they produce and find a good match. We hear lots if people say " color is the last consideration, temperament is more important" and I do agree. But I also know for fact that you CAN have both. So why settle. If you want a bi-color, find breeders that have bi-color dogs and also produce the temperament and drive you want. Trust me they are out there. You can get EVERYTHING you want.

My new pup, I wanted a black sable with solid temperament, stable nerves, balanced drive and an open personality. So that's what I looked for, and what I found. There are enough breeders doing it right that can give you everything you want. So don't settle because it's convenient.

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