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Originally Posted by DissaMia View Post
Quick question, why not an Amish breeder? I was told that they produce pretty good pups, if you can find one that is reputable in their area/etc type...thing? xD

Both mommy and daddy are retired police dogs, and AKC registered. Mommy was on the Chicago force, and daddy was on a smaller police force, though I can't remember where. I don't have the registered names for both of them yet, which I plan to get as soon as I head out there. And they said that they have the papers for the certification of hips and elbows. It's the only reason I've even considered them, and the fact that they won't release them until 10 weeks of age.

And nope! I'd love her the same, it's just a general preference on my part, but something that is totally bypassed by personality, etc.

If I had a penny for each a "breeder" said their dog was sired by a police dog...

Police K9's are owned by municipalities, meaning during their working career the chance that they will be bred is pretty much zero. Once they're retired, females are too old (and most are spayed), and it's pretty rare that a male would be used either. It's a selling point they can make up because it's just about impossible to actually verify.
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