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Default Deciding breed worthiness based on hip scores

So I have a question, for breeders and buyers. Would you breed/buy a dog with OFA Fair hips? Or "fast normal" hips?

If so, what other considerations do you take into account? If said dog had OFA fair hips, littermates all got an OFA number and pedigree was stocked with passing hips, does that affect your decision?

On the flip side, if a dog has " excellent " hips, but the pedigree is littered with hip issues, do you take that into consideration? Breeders, how diligently do you look at siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, when considering a dog/bitch for breeding?

As a buyer, does an OFA Fair, scare you off? Even though it means the hips are normal? Is it the word "fair"?

In a few months my boy will be getting his prelims done. My last male OFA fair. Never took a wrong step, never had arthritis. He had perfectly functional hips, was a working SAR dog. But the "fair" was off putting to me. I never bred him, he was neutered(for reasons not related to his hips).

Just curious how others feel about less than " excellent" ratings. Same goes for the German "fast-normal", which to me equates to an OFA fair.

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