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Default Sable pup?

So, Dis-Dis is finally old enough that I can get another puppy, and not worry about them bonding to the point of me being the lesser party in the whole equation. I found an Amish couple who has a few girls left(Dis-Dis isn't so fond of males, though I know it would be a better choice to get a male) but they're only sables. And I adore sables, but I want a sable that ends up being darker, than lighter. Of course, I am taking the temperament/etc into consideration.

I've looked around here, and people say to see pictures of them right after birth, because that will be more of their adult coat colors. Sadly, the couple doesn't have any pictures of the three girls I get to choose from, so I can't take that into consideration. I will be picking her up around Christmas time, and she'll be about 10 weeks and 4 days. I'm going this Saturday to get the first feel for the puppies, and hopefully claim one as mine.

Barring any temperament issues, should I look for a puppy that is darker right now? Or lighter?

Thanks for the help guys.
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