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Bill, Molly had TPLO surgery on her right rear knee at the end of March 2013. We decided on this after trying to rest her knee a couple times from December 2012. The last thing I wanted to do was surgery and I was hoping for some miracle success story by resting it, but had not found any. I mentioned the potential surgery to a neighbor who had a 150lb Malamute who lived to be 15. His dog was in excellent condition and I found out he had TPLO when he was 5yrs old. Also my vet tech's dog had this surgery when his dog was about 5yrs and now he is 10yrs and is very active and fit. From what I read if you have a large breed dog and are generally active the surgery is the way to go.

5 months post-op was when we finally noticed Molly was equally weight bearing and no limping. She seems to be doing great, no limping and no signs of pain, even after doing a couple pogo stick type jumps after a squirrel ran up a tree last weekend. The first 3 months after the surgery were difficult for our human family, but Molly was a good patient.

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