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Default Puppy jumping on me when I raise my voice

Just kinda curious about what this behavior means:

Warden jumps on me when I raise my voice. For example, if we are outside playing etc and the neighbor dogs (completely unsocialized) start barking and I tell them to quiet, Warden runs to me and jumps up.

If bf and I argue (rarely, but it happens) warden will jump up if I'm standing, sit on my lap if I'm sitting, and once he even laid on top of me, covering my head.

Im sure he knows I'm not yelling at him, so what does this mean?

He also follows me everywhere and wants to be by my side at all times; even if he's been sleeping he'll get up and follow if I leave the room. I know they are Velcro dogs so I don't wonder much about that, just thought I'd provide extra info.

Thanks!! Just curiosity

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