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Default 1 year old hip opinions

I know you can't tell if a dog has bad hips without x-rays but I still want to ask suggestions of what you think. I am going to make an appointment with my vet to see what they think as well. I talked with my old vet about her and she didn't seem to think it was going to be an issue, but she has moved out of the state so I want to talk with my new vet about it.

My GSD is about a week short of being 1 year old. Her hips were x-ray at 6 months and the Vet said they looked great. I know a lot can change after 6 months.


The one thing I have noticed the most is after long walks her back end starts to bounce. She doesn't limp or seem to be in pain. At the beginning of the walk there is very little sway in her hips at all, at the end of the walk her back end seems to be bouncing up and down. I'm not sure if this is just her being tired or a sign of hip issues. This is only really noticeable in longer walks 1+ miles. Yesterday we did about a mile walk to the park, up some trails, threw fetch, then walked back and I didn't notice it till the end of the walk. Also there are a lot of large hills in the area. At no point does she act like she wants to stop, but she is only one.

She sometimes does the bunny hop run, not all the time. She still can run very fast. She doesn't bunny hop up stairs just some times when running. When trotting she never bunny hops but when she runs she sometimes does.

She sometimes does the lazy sideways sit, and frog legs down, but she will also do perfect sits and downs. When we are in training classes or when I have her sit/down for a treat it is perfect but when she is just sitting/laying around sometimes she lays with her legs straight out or sits to one side.

She does seem to slip on hardwood/tile floor. I have never seen her slip on carpet areas.

She also stands a bit cow hocked.

She will stretch a lot with her back legs stretched out as far as possible.

Lately she has had a reluctance to go up stairs. This may be because we have a pretty steep set of stairs that are hardwood and she slipped on them a month or so ago. She will only go up the stairs if no one is on them and she can sprint up them as fast as she can. The reluctance to go up stairs is recent, but she has always tried to do them as fast as possible. She doesn't bunny hop them though.

She doesn't show any reluctance to jump, get up, run around. She doesn't limp or show signs of pain. She has not shown signs of pain from pulling or moving her legs around. She is very happy to be active and play. She will jump up from laying down at any time a toy shows up she would play and run 24/7 if we allowed it. My vet said when they are younger they will sometimes "play through the pain" and you won't notice the issues.

Any opinions are appreciated and I understand you can't diagnose anything on the internet.
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