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Default Protective? fearful?! AHH

This is my first time on this forum! And I'd have to say I love it! Down to the issue at hand, I have a 3 year old named Maverick who is what I think is either stranger aggressive, protective, just fearful? Example: He was tied up to the tree in the front yard and me and the kids are out there and the neighbor across the street goes to check his mail (on the curb) he barks and runs toward him with his hawk up from ears to tail! Yesterday this happened before I could correct him to stay. If it's just me walking him I can control him just fine and keep him focused. This is where my problem is, anyone comes to the door crazy barking, so Thanksgiving we had someone come over. Usually with his normal behavior of going nuts when someone he doesn't know comes near the house or near the family one would assume how are you going to have someone over?! I just him on the patio where he could see the guest enter our house. Barking of course the whole time. Then I had the guest go over to the patio door (which isn't glass) just so Mav could get a good whiff of him from under the door. I put a cage muzzle on (just in case), have the guest sit at the table or couch, then bring him in. I tell my guest, don't look at him, touch him or talk to him. Then with surprise Mav just goes over and gives a good smell then in his own way asks to get the muzzle off. I take it off and hes fine (probably don't need it on at all). Once the guest is on our turf because WE invited him in, he seems fine. UGH I don't know what to do about the aggressiveness outside. Someone can walk by the car and he goes nuts. I work him for probably two solid hours, on top of several walks a day. I try to do everything a good pack leader would do, I just think maybe he thinks my kids and husband need protecting? Alone I usually am able to stop the unwanted behavior before it starts...
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